Dress Code for a Christian Funeral

When someone has died and you are attending his or her funeral, the last thing that comes to your mind is what to wear for the funeral. However, if you are attending a Christian funeral then it is advisable to educate yourself on what is the appropriate attire for a funeral.  Your clothing choice should [...]

Top Quotes and Sayings for Sympathy Cards

Death is a part of life and during this time people often struggle to find the right words to express sympathy to the family members of the deceased. Well, sympathy cards help to convey your feelings and condolences to someone who is grieving the loss of someone close. Buying a sympathy card is easy but it [...]

A Complete Guide to Funeral Flowers

A funeral is a difficult time and often people are at a loss of words when it comes to comforting the grieving family members of the deceased. If you are not used to attending funerals and things are new for you, use memorials to convey your message. You can also use flowers as memorials. There [...]

What Are The Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning?

Cost of living increases with time and so does the cost of a funeral service. If a funeral service is costing $750 today in most of the states in the US, then it is obvious that the figure will go up in the next 15 to 20 years time. But if planned properly, things can [...]

Some Cost Cutting Funeral Tips

When planning a funeral, few people are prepared or fully informed to make smart financial decisions. Also very few people bargain while making purchases related to a funeral service. As a result, the cost of funeral becomes much higher than expected.

Checklist for Funeral Arrangements

Planning a funeral in a proper manner is a huge task and especially for those grieving for a loved one. There are many important decisions to be made very fast by the family members of the deceased. At times some help can be taken by close friends or else the decisions are mostly taken by [...]

Structure of the Basic Fee of Funeral Homes

For planning a funeral, most of the people prefer to take help of funeral homes. When it comes to funeral, there are many important things that need to be arranged within a short period of time. Also for the family members who are still grieving the loss of a person are not in the state of [...]

How to Arrange for Funeral Funds

When it comes to arranging a funeral service for a loved one, there are many people who worry a lot about the finance. In the US, planning a funeral service in a traditional manner is expensive. On an average the total cost of the funeral is something around $6000 to $10000 in the US.

How Much Will A Funeral Service Cost?

With the death of a person, grieving family members and close friends of the deceased often have to deal with plenty of tasks regarding the funeral. As a funeral service takes place with the presence of the body of the deceased, all the important decisions regarding funerals must be made quickly and within a budget.

Funeral Service versus Memorial Service

Every culture and civilization has some type of funeral ceremony that defines the rituals and customs related to death. Evidences prove that funerals have great significance in our society and it helps the survivors to adjust spiritually, emotionally and socially after someone has passed away.