Funeral Service Dress Code for Men and Women

Attending a funeral service means it is time to say goodbye to someone close to you. If you are planning to attend a funeral, then you must have some knowledge about the appropriate dress code for the occasion. Wearing the right dress for a funeral is a part of funeral etiquettes that you must bear in mind.

At time the dress code for the funeral is pre-determined by the family members of the deceased who are given the responsibility of planning the funeral. In this case you need to follow that dress code in order to show your respect towards the deceased. If the dress code is not known to you, then you need to pick out your dress after proper thought.

Nowadays it is not necessary to adhere to a strict dress code in black. You can choose a dress depending upon your culture and customs, religious beliefs practiced by the deceased, your relationship to the family of the deceased, as well as the location where the funeral service is suppose to take place. In general, a conservative dress in dark shades will go well with the mood of the occasion.

Here are some funeral etiquettes in regards to funeral dress code:

Women Dress Code:

  • Women attending a funeral service should wear classic black attire, like a simple black dress with sleeves, or dark suit with jacket. A black dress always sends the message that you are there at the funeral to honor the deceased.
  • Instead of black, women can also choose to wear something in navy blue or grey. But in way one show wear a dress in loud or splashy color shades. Also it is advisable to avoid floral or busy patterns.
  • Women can wear some accessories but it should be simple and not very dazzling or sparkling in nature. For instance a ring on your finger and a classic string of pearls will be considered enough for the occasion.
  • Extra care should be taken in regards to the length of the dress especially if there is a religious service at a church, funeral home or graveside. Wear a dress that properly covers your shoulders and knees. Remember this is not the time to attract unnecessary attention towards you. Jeans, shorts and t-shorts are disrespectful and should never be worn.
  • For a funeral, wearing a hat is permissible. A simple hair will give your attire a polished look. A simple dress when worn with a hat looks classic as well as stylish way.
  • Also women should choose their footwear very sensibly. Avoid wearing very high heels or flip flops or athletic footwear. As during a funeral you need stand and walk a lot, it is advisable to choose comfortable shoes.
  • While attending a funeral always carry an extra handkerchief or two in your purse as you might never know when there will be a need for one.

Men Dress Code:

  • A conservative suit is the perfect choice for men attending a funeral. Always wear a crisp white collared shirt with a nice tie with the suit. Remember that it is not necessary to dress head-to-toe in black.
  • Instead of black, men can also opt for a grey or dark blue suit. Try to avoid loud color suits, shirts or even ties.
  • If the funeral service is in a church or any inside location then men should wear their jacket during the entire ceremony. However, if the service is planned at some outside location and during the day, men can opt to remove their jackets.
  • If you prefer to wear a hat and a trench you can wear one while attending a funeral service. But you must choose the style of the hat and the trench properly. Something classic will go well with the mood of the occasion.
  • Men should avoid accessories. To the maximum they can wear a wedding band and a watch. Anything more than this will look inappropriate for the occasion.
  • Wear a formal shoe with your suit. But your shoe must be clean and polished. A dirty and unpolished shoe will spoil your look.
  • Keep some extra handkerchiefs with you as may need to offer it to someone else attending the funeral.

Funerals are respectful occasions and so you need to follow basic funeral etiquettes and especially appropriate dress code. Irrespective of the dress chosen by you for the funeral, make sure the dress is clean, pressed, odor free, and make sure you are well groomed.

To conclude, choosing the right dress for attending a funeral is very important. Your dress choice will show your respect towards the deceased and recognition that this is a solemn occasion.

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