How to Arrange for Funeral Funds

When it comes to arranging a funeral service for a loved one, there are many people who worry a lot about the finance. In the US, planning a funeral service in a traditional manner is expensive. On an average the total cost of the funeral is something around $6000 to $10000 in the US.

Many people plan their funeral in advance and make proper arrangements for the necessary finance. While pre-planning a funeral, a person can choose to pre-pay, or finance the expenses required in organizing a funeral. This way the family members of the deceased do not have to worry about money and can surely fulfill the wishes of the deceased.

But if funeral pre-planning is not done or it is a sudden death, then most of the times family members of the deceased do not have an idea about how to meet the expenses related to a funeral. It is important to bear in mind, for a meaningful funeral service, things can be planned according to a fixed budget. There is nothing like you need to spend a fortune. Whether you plan a simple or a grand funeral, it is your feelings and emotions towards the deceased that actually matters. It is simply a ceremony where family members and close friends of the deceased come together to celebrate the life of the deceased. Here memories related to the deceased are shared and people attending the funeral get an opportunity to say their final goodbye to the deceased.

So, it is a good decision to plan a funeral according to the budget a family can afford. It is simply illogical to borrow money from others for organizing a funeral. Remember that there is no charity or government organization that will help in paying off any debt related to funeral. First make a budget and then try to think practically on how and where the funeral can be arranged within that budget. If there is difficulty in arranging a fund, you can always ask some family members and close friends to help you in this regard. People are ready to help the family members of the deceased by offering them some financial help.

Contact the funeral home and tell them about your budget and find out if things can be arranged accordingly. For the services offered by funeral homes, you need to make all the payments in advance. There is no provision like paying in two or three installments. However, n the US, there are some states where low income families can get some help to meet the funeral expenses. You can get some valuable information regarding this facility from the Department of Social Services serving your area. In some states, the municipality offers such help. Click here to get detailed information regarding this facility. So, if there is no money for arranging a funeral, you must call the department of social services to find out whether there is any such program offered by the state.

In some US states help is not provided for a full traditional funeral service with embalming, a public viewing, and associated ceremonies, but help is granted for direct cremation or immediate burial. In some states the family members do not have to pay any money while in some states family members can spend some money for optional ceremonies up to certain limits. In both the cases, family members can always plan a memorial service later at home, at church or so on in the memory of the deceased. 

In case of limited budget, family members of the deceased have the right to pick and choose only the funeral goods and services they want and can afford. There is no need to choose an elaborate package offered by funeral homes. Just tell the funeral director about your budget and what are your plans for the funeral. 

If you cannot get help from the government and you do not have much money, you can always consider donating the body of the deceased to a medical school. This way you will be helping the society by giving the society some good doctors. Two to three years after donating the body you can get the cremated remains from the medical schools. Here at you can find information related to medical schools in the US where you can donate body.

You can also consider a home funeral. In most of the US states it is legal to perform a home funeral. Get the death certificate, take care of the body of the deceased at home, and finally make arrangement for transforming the body to the cemetery or crematory depending upon whether it will be a burial or cremation.

To conclude, even with no or limited budget, you can plan a funeral. You can choose any of the above mentioned options and organize a funeral that celebrates the life of the deceased.

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