Importance of Flowers in a Funeral

The use of flowers in a funeral has been a longstanding tradition in many cultures and religions. The importance of funeral flowers can be described as both symbolic and aesthetic. While attending a funeral, guest brings flowers with them in order to extend sympathy to the bereaved and to share the burden of grief along with the family members and to show their respect towards the deceased.

It is an age old tradition to place flowers around the deceased. When soil samples around several old burial sites are studied by experts it was found that there were samples of flowers too. In fact flowers used during a funeral are regarded as the oldest form of ritual in the world performed by humans. Experts suggest two basic reasons behind this age oil tradition of using funeral flowers. Firstly, a flower represents the life cycle from birth to death. Secondly, flowers are used to subsidize the smell of decomposition coming from the body before embalming.

Even today this age old tradition is in practice. Soon after getting the news of a death, people start sending flowers or plants to the home immediately, while some people send flowers after a few days. As flowers starts reaching the home of the deceased, family members find it very comforting to know that people are still thinking of the deceased. Many people even prefer to send funeral baskets, wreaths, special floral arrangements such as crosses, bibles etc. to the funeral home, mortuary or church. These beautiful floral arrangements make a lovely presentation.

Today, people find it a better way to put sympathetic feelings into words by using flowers. When you take a bunch of flowers along with you while attending a funeral, there is no need to look for appropriate words to express your sympathy. Just give the flowers to the family members of the deceased and they will always understand and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Funeral flowers represent community support for a life well lived. A useful functional role played by flowers is that they add warmth to the service.

Some of the reasons why today also flowers are used in a funeral are:

  • Flowers are symbolic
  • Flowers are aesthetic
  • Flowers represent sympathy
  • Flowers add value to the funeral ritual
  • Flowers show your respect towards the deceased
  • Flowers represent the transitory life span right from birth till death
  • Flowers offer comfort to the family of the deceased
  • Flowers help in expressing your feelings towards the deceased

The significance and use of flowers in funeral ceremonies in the US often depends on the religious beliefs of the deceased and the bereaved. However there are certain etiquettes related to funeral that you need to follow when sending funeral flowers. Flowers have their own language each flower and color have a meaningful message, such as:

  • Lilies means innocence
  • A red carnation means admiration
  • A pink carnation stands for remembrance
  • A white carnations stands for pure love and innocence
  • White Chrysanthemums means truth
  • A gladiolus symbolizes moral integrity
  • A white rose symbolizes innocence, and youthfulness
  • A red rose symbolizes respect, love, and courage
  • A pink rose symbolized love, grace, and gentility
  • The xeranthemum symbolizes eternity
  • Cyclamens stand for faithful love and memories
  • Marjoram symbolized comfort and consolation
  • The nasturtium stands for patriotism

So, next time when you need to attend a funeral choose the flowers wisely. If you are aware of the favorite flowers of the deceased you must get those flowers only. Guests attending the funeral service make extra efforts to make their floral tribute to the deceased especial and unique. Keeping in mind the personality of the deceased and his likes and dislikes, special floral arrangements are ordered. When something special is done, the family members of the deceased will definitely appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into it. Whatever flowers you choose to send, your thoughtful message of sympathy will certainly be a comfort to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Also it is your sentiments and emotions that are important.

To conclude, next time when you need to attend a funeral service, buy some flowers from your local florists or you can even get it ordered from any reputed online shop. Flowers have been used in funeral rituals for thousands of years and will be used in near future also.

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