Importance of Funerals in our Society

In order to commemorate a loved one after his or her death, family members and close friends plan a funeral ceremony that reflects their religious or cultural attitudes toward death. Funeral is basically a popular and powerful ritual done after the death of a person. A funeral ceremony not only highlights the fact that a life has ended, but it also specifies on how a life was lived by the deceased.

After the death of a person, when a funeral is planned it gives a chance for family members, close friends and associates to gather together and recall the memories and stories related to the deceased. Also it helps the survivors to heal emotionally as they get a chance to express their grief without any foundation. Experts say that one must express grief in a proper way otherwise it will create problem in accepting the truth and moving forward in life. During the grieving process, the different types of emotions that may accompany death such as anger, guilt, fear, sorrow, and depression can be expressed by people. When emotions are expressed in a proper manner it becomes easier for people to accept the death both on an intellectual level as well as emotional level.

Funeral has a great value in every society as it creates a moment where people close to the deceased can come together to pause and reflect on the life lived by the deceased.

A funeral ceremony is important in many ways such as:

Helps survivors to accept the death of a person:

When someone close to you dies, it becomes important for you to openly accept the reality that the person is not going to come again. Also with that reality in mind people need to move forward in their life. This looks very simple but to do so is not that easy for many people. But when other people attend a funeral, it becomes much easier for all to accept the death of a person. Without a meaningful funeral service the family members of the deceased will face more difficulty in accepting the reality of death in the days to follow.

Gives recognition to a life:

It is true that every life has some value and every life makes a contribution to the world. The funeral service is nothing but a proof of this statement. Every person deserves a funeral after his or her death as it is important for the survivors to give due recognition to a life and they must celebrate the life lived by the deceased. Also recognition of the life of the deceased is important as it reinforces the reality of a loved one’s death and allows family members to acknowledge and express their loss. This is why there is an increasing demand made by people to funeral directors to plan personalized funerals that reflect the personality and life style of the deceased.

Allows survivors to say goodbye to a soul:

During a funeral service, people think about the moments they shared with the person who died. It is a great opportunity to forget the past and focus on the past relationship with the deceased. People share memories and stories related to the deceased with each other. This is an opportunity for survivors to share with each other how the life of the deceases actually impacted their own lives. Most often people do not get the chance such things to the deceased when he or she was alive. During a traditional funeral, the eulogy highlights the major role played by the deceased and the type of person he or she was. This is a best way to say goodbye to a soul.

Provides a support system:

Funeral is a ceremony where people gather together to express their beliefs and feelings about the death of a person. Here people get support from each other that help in the grieving process, both at the time of the funeral and into the future. During a funeral, people come and demonstrate their support towards the family members of the deceased. This physical show of support is of great importance for those who are grieving. Often, just seeing how much others care of the decease can be a tremendous help to a family in adjusting to their loss.

Allows people to reflect on life and death:

A funeral is a symbolic ritual that helps people to express their deepest thoughts and feelings about life and death. As soon as someone dies, people naturally start thinking about the meaning of life and death. There are so many questions related to death whose answers are not yet clear. During the funeral service, people realize that they will also die sooner or later and they cannot escape from it. This is why people attending a funeral tend to cry as it force them to concentrate on their own feelings about death. Death is a natural and unavoidable process and by attending a funeral, survivors in a way convey their beliefs related to life and death. A funeral highlights the fact that death is the ultimate reality.

Helps in realizing new roles:

Soon after the death of a person, family members are hugely affected by the loss. One important question that strikes the mind is how to cope with the sudden changes in the life. With death, there is also a major in self identity of close family members. For instance if a wife dies, the husband finds himself in a new role for their children. The funeral marks the beginning of a new life with the support of the deceased. The relationship will always remain alive through memory but physically new challenges are there in life for the survivors to accept.

Finally, when funerals are made into meaningful experiences, the memories of the funeral stay with the survivors for a long time. This way the memories of the deceased remain fresh in the mind of the survivors. So, whenever there is a death in the family, plan a funeral service as it had got public, traditional and symbolic importance. 

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