Is It Necessary To Plan A Funeral?

Funeral customs and trends have changed a lot in recent years. One of the main reasons behind such chances is the increasing popularity of cremation over burial. It is true that in the US, the rate of cremation is increasing rapidly.

In fact, as per the research done by Cremation Association of North America, the national average cremation rate was just 3.56% in the year 1960 and in 201o the rate increased to 40.62%. Also certain estimations are made by the Cremation Association of North America that the overall cremation rate in the US will increase to 44.42% in 2015 and by the year 2025 the rate will be 55.65%. With the popularity of cremation, people are undermining the importance and significance of funeral services in our society.

With direct cremation there is no need of viewing, embalming, or other similar preparations. But when it comes to burial, special arrangements regarding viewing and embalming of the dead body need to be taken care of. Due to all these special arrangements the cost of funeral becomes very high. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission a traditional funeral will cost about $6,000, and with additional services and the cost can be much higher. The cost of the burial or cremation is additional. This is also one reason why people opt for direct cremation and later one plan a simple memorial service.

In spite of all these reasons, it is important to plan a funeral as without a funeral service, the family members, relatives and close friends of the deceased will get a chance to say a final good-bye to a loved one. A funeral is also an important step in the grieving process. It is not that the deceases is getting a tribute through such services, it is a service for the survivors also who are currently facing the trauma of losing a loved one. When people known to the deceased attend the funeral, it helps the immediate family members of the deceased in the healing process. Also, a funeral ceremony honors and celebrates the life of the deceased by sharing memories. During a funeral, the overall environment becomes caring and supportive where people share their thoughts and feelings about the death. The fact that the deceased was loved and appreciated by the society also gives a sense of comfort and support. It also offers an opportunity for all the people present there to pay their last tribute to the loved one. 

Also as funeral service is a ceremony that takes place with the body of the deceased present, it allows people to face the truth in a more concise manner. Those who find it difficult in accepting death as a natural part of life often face problems and it does allow them to lead a truly enriched life. It becomes really difficult for many to accept the truth that someone close to them has died until they see the dead body with their own eyes. So, it becomes very essential to plan a funeral service.

Planning a funeral for a loved is a very challenging task. But with the help of a funeral home you can plan it in a very simple and cost effective manner. When a comparison is done of the services and costs offered by funeral homes, can help you to come up with the best solutions. The funeral directors are always there to assist you in your planning. You can plan a funeral in a funeral home’s chapel, church, graveside, and crematorium or in a special location you select depending upon your budget, religious beliefs and customs. No matter what type of service you choose, always keep in mind that you can always choose what works for your particular needs. You can always find funeral directors ready to answer your questions, and help you to make all the necessary arrangements within your budget.

To conclude, funeral services have religious, deep spiritual and philosophical significance. So it becomes very essential to plan a funeral service in the honor of the deceased. But if a funeral service is not possible immediate after the death of the deceased, then you can always plan a memorial service after the cremation process is over. A memorial service can be planned with or without the ashes of the deceased.

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