Structure of the Basic Fee of Funeral Homes

For planning a funeral, most of the people prefer to take help of funeral homes. When it comes to funeral, there are many important things that need to be arranged within a short period of time. Also for the family members who are still grieving the loss of a person are not in the state of mind to make all the decisions regarding a funeral in a rational manner.

Also it is not feasible for any person to shop around for things required in a funeral and get everything done within a day or two. But it is always possible to look for best funeral homes operating in a particular area and choose one according to your preferences and budget. One major drawback of taking the help of a funeral home is the huge money that you need to pay them for their services.

In the US, the cost of a traditional funeral will be something around $6,000 to $10,000. When it comes to total cost of a funeral, one major portion is the basic fee charged by the funeral home. According to funeral rule in the US, each and every funeral home can ask for a basic fee from the customers and no customer can deny paying that basic fee. Basic fee is generally the cost associated with the basic services offered by the funeral director and other staff working in a funeral home.

Some of the areas for which a basic fee is charged by a funeral home are consultation with the customer; staff and facilities provided by the funeral home during the service; coordinating service plans with cemetery, crematory and any other third party involved in the final disposition of the deceased; getting copies of necessary official documents such as death certificates required for the funeral; essential registrations and storing of the deceased till the funeral takes place. The basic fee is generally the same for different types of funeral packages offered by the funeral home. Depending upon which funeral package you select, the basic fee charged by the funeral home will be added to the total cost of the funeral. The average basic fee charged by funeral homes operating in the US is around $1,595.

You can get an idea about the basic fee charged by a funeral home from their General Price List (GPL). It is through the GPL that you can get a clear idea about the funeral costs. Here you can get information regarding all the goods and services offered by a funeral home along with the price of each. As per law, a GPL offered by a funeral home should list the prices of at least 16 items such as the basic service fee, cost for embalming, and cost of picking up the dead body, the price associated with the viewing of the body, the price of a funeral or memorial service, the cost of vehicles used for transporting the body, and other commonly offered goods and services.

According to the funeral rule described by the Federal Trade Commission, all the funeral homes operating in the US must give their customers a GPL at the beginning of any discussion regarding the planning of a funeral. Customers can even ask for a GPL via mail or phone and in no way the funeral director can ignore such request. You can take the GPL of three to four funeral homes and compare the prices and services offered by them. Discuss it with your family members and close friends and then only choose a funeral home.

To conclude, to get a clear idea of the total cost required for organizing a funeral, you must surely have some idea regarding the basic fee charged by the funeral homes. Also remember that you need to pay the basic fee in advance and you cannot make the payment in installments.

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