What Are The Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning?

Cost of living increases with time and so does the cost of a funeral service. If a funeral service is costing $750 today in most of the states in the US, then it is obvious that the figure will go up in the next 15 to 20 years time. But if planned properly, things can be in your favor when you die and your family needs to plan a funeral for you. This is where the concept of funeral pre-planning can come to your rescue.

What is Funeral Preplanning?

By funeral preplanning, also referred to as prearranging a funeral, it means taking care of the funeral service details in advance. The pre-arrangements can be simple or detailed. Here all the details regarding the type of funeral service, merchandise, music, funeral flowers, guest list and so on can be planned in advance.Once all the paper works in done and details are kept on a file. After your death, a single call to the funeral home selected by you is what your family members need to do. The funeral home will take care of all the responsibilities and all your wishes will be carried out as planned.

It is true that nobody likes to discuss about death but it is fact that no one can avoid it also at any cost. You do not have to discuss your death expectations with your family members but you can always plan your funeral in advance. When the planning is done much before your death, things become easier for the family members and they do not have to worry much regarding what to do, how to do, whom to contact, how to arrange for money or think about what things are needed.

By pre-planning your funeral, your family does not have to go through extra stress during the grieving period. Also death is kind of a shock to the survivors; it is very obvious that they are not in the state of mind to think clearly and in a practical manner. Things can become really tough for the survivors if they are not aware of your wishes. But by pre-planning your funeral, you take care of everything in advance and after your death your family members do not have to worry about anything.

As the ritual of a funeral gives comfort to the survivors, you can take away the huge burden from their shoulders by planning everything in advance. You have the full right to decide upon what type of funeral you want and how you want the service to take place.

Here is a summary of the benefits of funeral pre-planning:

  • All the arrangements related to a funeral are done before hand and thus nothing is left for your family member to plan during their time of grief. There is no additional burden for the family members at a time of emotional stress.
  • By pre-planning a funeral, you get a chance to take care of every detail related to a funeral service according to your wishes. As the wishes are known to the family members and thus there is no chance of confusion.
  • You also get the chance to involve your family members in making the difficult decisions regarding a funeral service.
  • At the time when you are alive you have already taken control of the funeral expenses and there is nothing to worry about inflation.
  • All your personal records are kept in an organized manner which makes it easy for the survivors.
  • It gives detailed information about all your insurances that your survivors can use them to lead a normal life. Also the survivors do not have to worry about funeral expenses.

Looking at the huge benefits of pre-planning a funeral, many people are taking the necessary steps to plan their own funeral in advance. This allows people to be remembered the way they want it to be after their death.

The process of funeral pre-planning:

Pre-planning your funeral is a very informal and simple process. You can contact any funeral home and ask the funeral director to assist you in the planning process. Usually, the funeral director will offer you a funeral pre-planning checklist that you need to go through it. You can do all the funeral planning on your own or share your wishes with a family member. After making all the necessary decision you can arrange for a formal meeting with the funeral director. The meeting can take place at the office of the funeral home, your home or any other location of your choice. During the meeting a preneed contract will be made. Here if you wish you can also pre-fund your own funeral. In case you want some changes in your funeral services, it can be easily done at any time. At the time of death, just a phone call to the funeral home is required and everything will be taken care of by the funeral director according to your wishes.

To conclude, with pre-planning a funeral you can feel relaxed and happy as you know that your funeral arrangements are ready and after your death your family members will not have to face any kind of problem. So, it is time to think about your family members, present financial condition and your wishes and get ready to plan your funeral in advance.

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